Hello! I'm Veda, aka Saku or Sakuraopal.
I like to draw, animate, dance and do music.
I also post on youtube! ◡̈



❀FAQS 常問問題❀

Q: Name?
A: My name is Veda! Since my handle is @sakuraopal, a lot of people call me saku as well! I do not mind what name you use!
Q: Gender/Pronouns?
A: She/Her
Q: Where are you from?
A: Hong Kong!
Q: Age?
A: I'm an 04' liner -- so you can do the math yourself depending when you read this!
Q: What programs do you use?
A: I mostly use procreate when drawing and making youtube videos! I use FireAlpaca and Clipstudiopaint sometimes too. As for editing, I use Final Cut Pro X.
Q: What devices do you use?
A: I use a 12.9 inch ipad pro when drawing on procreate. I use my iphone 11/dji osmo pocket to film and a macbook to edit.
Q: When did you start drawing?
A: I've always drawn when I was young. However, I started to draw more when I was around 8 due to my sister's/friends' influence. I started digital art when I was 10!
Q: Can I repost your work?
A: Yes, as long as you do not profit from them. You also must credit my youtube and instagram when you do so.

答:真名是 veda,但大家可以叫我彩櫻!
問: 代名詞?
Q: 你從哪裡來的?
A: 香港!
問: 年齡?
答:04 年出生——大家自己做點數學吧!
問: 你用什麼應用程式?
答:繪畫/造片時主要用procreate,但有時候也會用FireAlpaca與Clipstudiopaint. 剪片的時候是用 Final Cut Pro X。
答:現在畫畫的時候用12.9寸ipad pro。錄影用iphone11/diji osmo pocket。剪片用macbook pro。